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Leading Change in the Marketplace: My Bibliography

A Bibliography by Rodney D. Swope

Leading Change in the Marketplace-

Over the past two decades I have endeavored to be a student of leadership and progressive change in life and especially in the marketplace. I discovered Servant Leadership as the best time-tested approach to adding lasting value to people and the world. Whether in the boardroom, classroom, or behind the pulpit, the technology of leading people and strategic stewardship of resources is the primordial and definitive essence of success in the marketplace.


I have watched the boundaries between ministry and management, faith and finances, the corporate body of Christ and corporations become increasingly blurred. The world has begun to recognize that a biblical view of the marketplace can lead to success. Churches are also finding that reapplying some of what works well in corporations can make a difference in affecting congregational change. There is wisdom in the Biblical Word, and in the writings of inspired writers assigned to enlighten and renew of minds.


The following bibliography is arranged in three parts. The first and most extensive lists great books on understanding yourself, others and leadership. The next part contains books on change management and strategy. The final part has a few works that more directly address issues in the faith community, especially the recognition of the charge for believers to serve the Kingdom in the marketplace.

These books have helped to shape my life and world. They are a part of my life that I am giving away to make in difference in the lives of others.

Knowing yourself and Leading others

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Change Management & Strategy

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Marketplace Ministry

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Special Thanks to Christina Fink for compiling these titles