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Daddy's Little Man

Rodney Dale Swope

Daddy! I want to be a man 

when I grow up!

These words in that little voice 

have overflowed my cup!


Has he any idea what it means 

to be a man?

Lord?  Give me the grace 

to teach him as well as I can 


A man, and a boy differ 

in a few important ways

A boy lives for himself, for the fun of it 

A boy always plays


A man lives by faith 

for his family all his days

When the going gets rough

a real man stays.


He chooses one woman 

and makes her his queen

Like I chose to love your mother! 

‘You know what I mean?


A man knows only One 

who’s greater than himself

He never puts his trust in the Lord 

away on the shelf


He doesn’t work for money 

He makes money work for him

He sows, he reaps, 

he saves again and again


He raises his children to learn, earn, save and share

He is generous to the Kingdom

sowing his time, talent, and treasure there


A man’s children’s children 

are the heirs of his wealth

He prays for a long, blessed life 

and cares for his health


Neither a man nor a father 

will ever get it all right

Still, he strives to run the race to the end

and keep up the good fight


My son, that’s all I can say

about the man you’ll become

In you, I am already well pleased 

You will surely be a good one.


Through much prayer and seeking His face, 

He has made me see

You will be a far better man than me


Before you go through the door

to become all that you can

Put your trust in God our Father and

He will make you a man

Rodney Dale Swope