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Watermelon Love

by Rodney Dale Swope

On a hot southern summer day, while on the porch swing, a little boy watched as a well-worn pickup truck stopped in front of grandma’s house. His smiling senior uncle got out, and summoned him to the street.  

His uncle ceremoniously presented the little boy with a big shiny watermelon from the back of his truck. Watermelons are heavy and fragile. Almost nobody eats a watermelon alone.    

So why would an uncle give a big watermelon to a little boy? To show him unselfish concern and to do something for his benefit—to love him. The uncle trusted the little boy to carry something bigger than he’d ever carried. Trust gave the boy confidence.    

Once the boy’s precious cargo was safely inside, he shouted joyfully “who wants watermelon?" Of course, on a hot southern summer day, everybody wants watermelon.    

His grandma sliced and served it up for everyone in the house, the porch and theyard. They all laughed, smiled, slurped and put the seeds on a napkin.    

The boy was so happy and proud that he’d given joy to everyone with his ginormousshiny watermelon. The gift made the boy feel bigger, confident and filled him with joy.    

The boy never forgot that day. He grew to be a generous man, sharing his gifts for the benefit of many. Trust, confidence, joy, laughter, and generosity are what watermelon love is made of.    

So,on a hot southern summer day, love a kid, give a kid a watermelon.